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Preservice teachers rock (and so do their advisors!)

Big kudos to the preservice and new teachers who participated in the first-ever Student/Student Chapter Showcase during the NSTA National Conference on Science Education.  Over three days — March 29-31 — seven student teams provided nine presentations to other preservice … Continue reading

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Recommended most highly

This may seem like a simple thing, but I get requests for a considerable number of letters of recommendation every year. I suspect you do, too. I almost always say yes–partly out of being somewhat flattered, I’ll admit, but also … Continue reading

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An admin's eye view of teaching lab activities

I think administrators are evil. Or maybe it’s more accurate (but much less inflammatory) to state that they’re dangerously misinformed. One of the reasons I feel this way is because of the teaching load (and therefore value) ascribed to laboratory … Continue reading

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Hello out there! Ann Cutler begins blogging for JCST

Most of the time, the inside of my head feels twenty five years old. In the same way that human height seems to reach an apex at about that time, I believe our minds develop a sort of default value … Continue reading

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