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Science and Math online resources for teaching young children

It was my pleasure this past winter to work with a group of educators who provide child care in their family homes. These small business owners met with me as a professional learning community, sharing our experiences and expertise with … Continue reading

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Play—outdoor, in-door recess, and science

Children move eagerly to get their winter wear gear, stream out the door, across the street and onto the playground. This 45 minute period, the second of the day, is a time for children’s gross motor activity on a new … Continue reading

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Teach about science in the news in 2020

What do wildfires, drought, and extreme weather have in common? All these events in the news can be doorways to exploring weather, climate, and more with your students. NSTA’s Book Beat issue this month features lessons by NSTA Press authors … Continue reading

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An image gallery of ideas for learning centers

Setting up science learning centers for young children in early childhood programs sometimes means just grabbing what you have at hand because your teaching partners have been out sick all week, and the materials you ordered haven’t arrived yet, and … Continue reading

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Plan an Interactive Family Science Event with Support from an App

Welcome to guest post authors Cindy Hoisington, a science educator researcher at Education Development Center (EDC), and Claire Christensen, an educational media researcher at SRI International. This post is based on Cindy and Claire’s recent evaluation of the PBS KIDS … Continue reading

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They can say the word but can they explain what it means? The “illusion of explanatory depth”

The use of a particular word can support children’s communication about their understanding of natural phenomena and sometimes obscure the amount or depth of their understanding. A full day preschool class of 4-year-old children explored the use of motion in … Continue reading

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“Is it summer yet?”

Your children may have declared, “It’s summer!” if they have noticed the rising air temperatures as measured with a thermometer or as sensed in a relative way (freezing-cold-chilly-cool-warm-warmer-hot-really really hot). Planting in an outside garden or pot is another marker … Continue reading

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Spiders and ants and bees, oh wow!

Spiders, ants, bees, cockroaches, cicada killers, house centipedes, and roly-polies are among the many small animals children may encounter at home or at school presenting moments to learn about the diversity of living organisms if the moment is calm enough. … Continue reading

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New year, new format for The STEM Classroom

Welcome to my new blog! The old STEM Classroom e-newsletter has gotten a makeover and become part of the new monthly Science and the STEM Classroom. As part of the redesign, I’m getting a chance to hone my skill at … Continue reading

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NSTA’s K–College Science Education Journals: January 2015 Issues Online

Is your science classroom equipped for success? Or are you teaching with limited resources? Either way, the K–College journals from the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) have the answers you need. Written by science teachers for science teachers, these peer-reviewed … Continue reading

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