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Star Light, Star Bright

I was planning a lesson for fifth grade about constellations. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them. —B., Illinois Students often develop the misconception that constellations are two-dimensional. It’s like looking at a road map and … Continue reading

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Starry-eyed Students

Many of the girls in my kindergarten class are showing a lot of interest in space. Space is not part of my curriculum, so how would you recommend I address their interest? Can you recommend any resources? —M., New Mexico … Continue reading

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Over the Moon

What are some ways to improve my students’ understanding of the phases of the moon? Are there more inquiry-based activities for grade 2 students?—S., West Virginia Popular activities like labelling handouts, cutting out paper or cardboard, and the popular (and … Continue reading

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Engaging in Authentic Research

Looking for an opportunity for you and your students to do authentic scientific research? Then programs like Rutgers University’s Waksman Student Scholars Program (WSSP) and the NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program (NITARP) might be for you. Continue reading

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Total Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017!

If you haven’t heard about what is known as the Great American Eclipse by now, it is not too late. This August 21, 2017 natural phenomena promises to be well worth “attending” or stepping outdoors for at least a few … Continue reading

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Focus on Physics: When Our Round Earth Was First Measured

Building an Understanding of Physical Principles Our Earth is round, although it was not always thought to be that way. It looks flat. But if the Earth is viewed from a tall building, especially near the ocean when the horizon … Continue reading

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Fill your summer with science

  Gaze at the Moon, follow the NASA New Horizons probe on its flyby of Pluto, or take a nature walk to benefit your brain. This is the time of year when science teachers get to choose their own adventures! … Continue reading

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Five Ways to Spend 15 Minutes with Science Scope

The middle level covers crucial learning years as students cross the bridge from their elementary foundations in science to the more advanced concepts taught in high school. NSTA’s peer-reviewed and award-winning journal, Science Scope, is a great resource for innovative … Continue reading

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Scope on the skies

When I was in elementary/middle school, the earth and space sciences were largely ignored in the curriculum. We looked at some rocks and learned the names of the planets and a few constellations, but that was about it. In high … Continue reading

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Uncovering Student Ideas in Astronomy

I’m already a fan of the Uncovering Student Ideas series, but authors Page Keeley and Cary Sneider piqued my interest with the 45 new formative assessment probes in this latest volume, Uncovering Student Ideas in Astronomy. Trying to get a … Continue reading

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