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“Why Do We Need to Know This?!”

How do you explain to your students that what you’re teaching is important even if there is no obvious real-world application? — B., Ohio I’m sure every teacher has heard this refrain! I found that students question what we teach … Continue reading

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Differentiating for an "Out of This World" Student

I have one student whose knowledge of Earth and space exceeds the other students in class. I feel like I just keep giving him more work, more extension activities, and I think he is getting frustrated. Do you have any … Continue reading

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A new vision for reform of science teaching: beyond mindless progressivism

–Occasional commentary by Robert E. Yager (NSTA President, 1982-1983) James Paul Gee (2012) has written a publication titled “Beyond Mindless Progressivism”.  He confesses his surprise that so many educators lapse into “mindless progressivism” with the assumption that children learn best … Continue reading

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