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Keep it grounded. Keep it real.

I’ve been teaching science for three years. My students seem to see science as an abstract subject and have trouble imagining it. How can I help my students appreciate the lessons more with limited time and resources? —R., Philippines   … Continue reading

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Five Essential Topics in the Journal of College Science Teaching

Thousands of college freshmen have chosen their first-year science courses based on knowledge and experience from their K-12 years. College professors and instructors can use the award-winning Journal of College Science Teaching (JCST) to better ensure lectures, labs, and online … Continue reading

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Count on These Science Stories to Engage Your Students

“Our students should be able to at least reason quantitatively: to read and interpret data, graphs, and statistics. They should be astute enough to demand to see the evidence when some politician claims that a new drug cures cancer, job … Continue reading

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Citizen Science: Engaging Students Through Public Collaboration in Scientific Research

Too often, students think of science as a static collection of facts rather than an ongoing process of discovery in which they can play a part. Citizen science offer opportunities for students to engage in authentic investigations. Citizen science activities … Continue reading

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Becoming a Responsive Science Teacher

I always enjoy reading books that challenge my way of thinking. Working in education, I read many books for my professional development. Many taught me new techniques or strategies, but rare were the ones that challenged me to think in … Continue reading

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Modeling biological systems

When we see the word “model” some of us get flashbacks to Styrofoam planets, papier-mâché volcanoes, or pretzel-stick log cabins. Their construction often was more of an arts-and-crafts exercise. But models in science can be more than representations of objects. … Continue reading

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