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The Pasco Wireless Weather Station: Like having your own weather satellite

For almost 2000 years, Aristotle’s ideas about weather were the industry standard. Although our hindsight confirmed that many of the theories Aristotle put forth in his work Meteorologica were in error, the depth and breath of his observations and inferences … Continue reading

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Documenting weather changes

As the wind stirs up and we get a full day of long-awaited rain, children arrive at school in rain boots and coats, and a few in soaking wet sandals. Hurricane Joaquin will bring more rain and wind this weekend … Continue reading

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Mysteries and whodunits

I must admit I’m a fan of mystery novels—from Nancy Drew to Sherlock Holmes, from Agatha Christie to Tony Hillerman. I enjoy trying to follow the clues and the thinking process of the protagonist. In contemporary stories (and TV programs), … Continue reading

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Everyone talks about the weather, but the articles in this issue show students doing more than talking. Just look at the action words in the titles: blog, cruise, teach, make, watch, look, learn. The differences between weather and climate can … Continue reading

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Global climate change

Overly political, endlessly complicated…and standing-room only, featured speaker Dr. Philip Mote had a receptive audience for his climate change talk. Coauthor (with 100+ participating scientists) of the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report, Mote’s humor-filled talk began with the popular … Continue reading

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September publications and SciLinks

Each month, I’ll mention some sites that relate to that month’s themes of the three K-12 NSTA journals. These are sites that illustrate what I think is a good use of the technology. Science and Children – Animals – I’d … Continue reading

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