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Early childhood science education at conferences 

  When a conference has plenty of sessions about science and engineering learning in early childhood—so many that each time slot has 2 or more such sessions—it shows that preschool, kindergarten, and first and second grade teachers are interested in … Continue reading

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Farm: animals & a beginning understanding of hereditary

If you were asked to name 10 animals, would an insect be one of them? Many of us, including young children, think of insects as “bugs” that are not really animals. Looking at a pie chart showing estimated proportions of … Continue reading

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Ed News: Educators Want To Rethink The Way Students Learn Science

This week in education news, researchers and teachers want to change the way students learn science; Californians strongly support expanding science and computer education beginning at the primary level; teachers are finding creative ways to use robots in class; New … Continue reading

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Positive classroom environments support teaching science

Science teaching is only a part of the work of early childhood science educators. Supporting children’s development of social-emotional skills and executive function are foremost in every activity we engage children in. When children feel safe in the class is … Continue reading

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NGSS for All Students

The Next Generations Science Standards (NGSS) are intended for all students, and that is why the NGSS Appendix D is subtitled: All standards, all students. Science for all students should be at the core of NGSS implementation for those states … Continue reading

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Challenging Perceptions in the STEM Classroom

As a female STEM graduate myself (geology), I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to encourage more women and minorities to get involved with STEM classes and potential careers. I was fortunate that my first job out of college … Continue reading

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All Standards, All Students

  The Next Generation Science Standards has been released and is now available for download.  As with any new set of standards, there is always much discussion about the feasibility of implementing them within the classroom – all classrooms.  Opinions … Continue reading

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Getting ready for college chemistry

Why are these Texas high school students from the ChemBridge Program smiling? Perhaps it’s because they’re taking a course that lets them earn college chemistry credit and high school science credit–and helps them get ready for college chemistry.
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The brains behind Watson

Whenever we talk about preparing kids for the future, we usually include collaboration and teamwork as a valuable skill. Our students also need to realize that science is not conducted by individuals in isolation. Successful scientists and engineers must be … Continue reading

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Diversity and adaptations

The article What’s behind the biological classification system in use today? goes beyond memorization and the mnemonic devices used to remember the hierarchy (King Philip Came Over From Germany Smiling was my bio teacher’s favorite). The author reviews the rationale … Continue reading

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