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Ed News: How to Engage All Students in STEM

This week in education news, CTE pathways prepare students for the rigors of STEM careers by giving them foundational skills and allowing for a broader interpretation of STEM; new report finds that 32% of teachers with one year or less … Continue reading

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Active or passive science?

One of my biggest questions is how to get the younger elementary students involved in science. Should we do more hands-on activities, having them participate in the environment or should we watch videos? —F., Texas “Every kid starts out as … Continue reading

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Cool/Hot Tech

I have been thinking about getting a thermal imaging camera. Specifically, an attachment for an iPhone that allows it to do thermal imaging. If you had one in your classroom, what would you use it for?  – R., Alaska This is … Continue reading

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“Engineering Habits of Mind” Empower Performance: Featured Presentation at #NSTA16 Nashville

Not long ago, engineering was an academic subject mainly reserved for college students. But as states put new science standards in place, many elementary teachers face the expectation that students must learn engineering concepts and skills starting as early as … Continue reading

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Science Education Evolving: NSTA's Plan for Supporting Science Educators and Working Toward a More Scientifically Literate Future

A clear vision supported by specific plans is critical to the success of any organization. The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) has the dual responsibility of furthering the important mission of promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning … Continue reading

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