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Ensuring All Elementary Students Have Access to Science Learning by Kathy Renfrew and Amber McCulloch

Ensuring all students have access to science learning is part of the vision in A Framework for K–12 Science Education. Yet in many elementary schools, teachers have little time for science. This is such a disservice, as engaging in the … Continue reading

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Sample new science lessons from NSTA Press books

NSTA Press authors offer a rich selection of fresh lessons and strategies in their newest books, and you can download samples from each of them through the online Science Store. From Patrick Brown’s Instructional Sequence Matters, Grades 3–5: Explore Before … Continue reading

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Why I Am Voting YES for Science Teaching by Judy Boyle

I am an elementary teacher, not a science teacher. I teach everything from shoelace tying to technology. When I began teaching, my science content knowledge was at a minimal and when I taught science I tiptoed around it as if … Continue reading

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Having the right chemistry

I was wondering how I could incorporate chemistry into my early elementary classes and what some good resources are to use. — G., Montana Chemistry activities for young children are some of the coolest and most engaging for students. Putting on … Continue reading

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Sad State of Affairs

I have observed a lack of emphasis on science concepts in the elementary classroom. Does this seem to be common practice in other schools? Any suggestions on how to incorporate multiple subjects within a science lesson to help alleviate this? … Continue reading

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Ignite The Spark of Curious Minds

With hurricane Florence bearing down on the Carolinas, I found myself in the Johnson Ice Rink on the MIT campus. I was there to be a mentor for the, IBM and other companies sponsored, 2018 HackMIT event. I was looking … Continue reading

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First-Graders Modeling Day and Night: Making Sense of a Phenomenon

As a first-grade teacher in Detroit with predominantly Latinx students and English language learners, I worked for several weeks at the end of last school year with a doctoral candidate in science education and former elementary teacher, Christa Haverly, and … Continue reading

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Freeze! We're doing science!

I have accumulated a large number of the freezer gel packs from a meal service. I’d like to find a way to use them in a classroom activity. —P., Georgia The best thing about these freezer packs is that they … Continue reading

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Let it go! Let it go!

  I’m a pre-service teacher who is a little scared about teaching inquiry-based science in the classroom! What are some things you wish you knew before teaching elementary school science? —K., New Mexico   I understand your anxieties about inquiry-based learning … Continue reading

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Quick Lab and Activity Assessments

I would like to include a rubric when students are completing various labs and activities in science. Could you share any examples? – A., Iowa I have found that checklists, in particular, are good assessment tools during a lab. The objective … Continue reading

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