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Food for Thought

I recently came across an activity where a spinal cord was represented using candy.  I can only imagine how excited the students must feel while completing this project, but I am wondering if it truly led to a better understanding … Continue reading

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On the Having of Wonderful Ideas About Science

Guest Blogger Page Keeley Science is about making sense of our natural world, and this is something that children naturally do long before they begin school. Children acquire information from many sources: interacting with their environment, conversing with their families … Continue reading

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How do you keep students from losing attention when you’re teaching difficult science terminology? —M., Iowa Regardless of the grade, you should approach science vocabulary just like teaching another language. It is very important that you teach new words in … Continue reading

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Mole Hills Out of Mountains

I would like to find some time-efficient way to have students share their learning or their observations with me (individually) without having to take in two classes of science notebooks. —J., Ohio “School should not be a place where young … Continue reading

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Stimulate Science Learning with Student Debates

The new NSTA Press book It’s Still Debatable! Using Socioscientific Issues to Develop Scientific Literacy by Sami Kahn gives students plenty to discuss. For educators looking to develop their students’ thinking skills, help them dive into scientific content, and provide … Continue reading

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History and Social Studies Integration with STEM

This blog post was authored by Judy Boyle. NGSS, STEM, STEAM, and Common Core all speak of the importance of the integration of science with ELA, math, and art. However, we are missing one more layer needed to achieve the … Continue reading

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Improving Elementary Science Programs Through Professional Learning Communities by Edel Maeder

“I’m not good at science.” It’s a declaration that far too many students have made in classrooms. Their beliefs are often based on lack of exposure to science, not their true potential to do science. So how do we change … Continue reading

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Elementary Science is Essential

Blog post authored by Lisa Chizek Elementary science is essential if we want our children to be successful in an ever-changing and complex world. Engaging in high-quality elementary science allows children opportunities to ask questions, investigate to find answers, make … Continue reading

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Teacher Cohorts to Support Science Instruction

Written by Debbie Ericksen Learning about the NGSS 3D Framework and what it means for the teaching and learning process within my elementary classroom has been an amazing journey that continues to this day. I confess I’ve become an NGSS … Continue reading

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Rigorous Modelling

My third-grade class created models of plant and animal cells with various items that they found around the house. Many of the kids did a great job, and their projects were very colorful. I brought samples to my Professional Learning … Continue reading

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