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Fostering children’s capacity to design and construct

In the October 2019 Early Years column in Science and Children, Anne Lowry, a preK teacher at Aleph Academy in Reno, Nevada, and I wrote about problem-solving experiences that took place in our classrooms. Engineering design opportunities in early childhood … Continue reading

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Get students hooked on real-world science

When students see the real-world applications of science, their interest levels soar. Teachers are experts at guiding students through the wonders of how science helps us answer questions and engineering helps us solve problems. This month, stock up on new … Continue reading

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Educating Students About Aerospace Careers

“212,000 pilots are needed for North America alone. 193,000 maintenance technicians are needed for North America alone…There’s a good opportunity for students to pursue aviation jobs. A student can start at a regional airline at $60,000 a year.” Continue reading

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Designing Engineering Projects That Teach Science Concepts by Cory Culbertson

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the engineering projects in my courses. On the surface, they don’t seem like something I need to worry about. My students love these projects and talk about them all year. My administration likes … Continue reading

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Linking Science and Engineering Through Good Questions by Greg Bartus

Engineering design projects are a wonderful opportunity for students to develop science disciplinary core ideas (DCIs). (As many of you know, with the release of the NGSS, learning in engineering must be integrated with developing DCIs in physical, life, and/or … Continue reading

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Science and Humanities Classes Collaborate for Engineering Integration by Kathy Kennedy

As my school’s new K–4 science teacher, I wanted to expand the limited time I had for dedicated science instruction by connecting science and engineering to established student activities in the homeroom classes. Successful integration depends on three features: Identify … Continue reading

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Engineering Fun!

I am interested in high school engineering projects. I’m looking for fun, engaging, and challenging projects for my honors students.—T., Rhode Island There is a vast amount of resources and ideas to help you out with engineering projects. Start with … Continue reading

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Working with a dream team, learning about engineering habits of mind

Taking a chance, I asked two colleagues if they would work with me on a webinar about supporting young children’s early engineering problem-solving. They each said “Yes!” and in the process I have been learning much from Carrie Lynne Draper, … Continue reading

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Ed News: Teach STEM Using Laughter, Creative Techniques

This week in education news, in several states, retired teachers and other state workers haven’t gotten a cost-of-living adjustment to their pension checks in years; Bill Nye’s new podcast—Science Rules—to launch May 16; U.S. 8th-graders are getting better at applying … Continue reading

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STEM, literacy and the young mind

What is the best way to introduce science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through literacy lessons in kindergarten? —Y., New Mexico   To young children education is a single entity—they don’t make distinctions between disciplines until adults get involved! I … Continue reading

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