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Moving water involves using the practices of science and engineering 

Sometimes the discovery of materials on a play area inspires children’s exploration and use of the NGSS science and engineering practices.  In this example a long length of bark from a tree branch became a trough for investigating water flow. … Continue reading

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What a Misplaced Mattress Teaches Kids About Scientific Push and Pull Forces

Good morning! Time to head out the door and start the day. Wait. What’s that thing up there in the tree? It’s … a bed. And it’s hanging upside down. Huh? How did that happen? So Begins a Delightful Mystery … Continue reading

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Science of the Summer Olympics: designing safety helmets

The 2012 Summer Olympics provides an exciting backdrop for STEM opportunities. Help students apply both the concepts of science and engineering design with Science of the Summer Olympics videos and connected lesson plans created by the partnership of NBC Learn, … Continue reading

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Move it! Motion and forces

The topic of motion and forces would be in my Top 10 list of topics in which students benefit from hands-on investigations, simulations, and videos. Students of any age (K–12 and even college) enjoy rolling, sliding, dropping, and flying things. … Continue reading

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