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Implementing Storylines: A Meaningful, Effective Way to Practice the NGSS by Jason Crean

Why is a shift needed? The science instructional shifts outlined in A Framework for K–12 Science Education and embodied in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are bigger than a classroom, a school, a district, or even your state. It’s … Continue reading

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Storylines Allow Students to Own Their Learning by Scott Goldthorp and Lauren Pasanek

“I don’t think this data tells us enough; we only know the temperature close to the ground,” Andy* told his peers. “Hail forms in the clouds. We need to know what the temperature is in the clouds.” The students had … Continue reading

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Medical Schools Offer STEM Pipeline Programs

Held both on medical school campuses and offsite, these programs are geared toward engaging students in STEM early on and giving students—especially underrepresented students—extra support in pursuing STEM majors and careers, including health care careers. Continue reading

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Achieving Equity Through Assessments by Laura Littrell and Kevin Williams

Our school requires all students to take chemistry. We teach all levels, ranging from Collaborative/Inclusive Chemistry to Honors and AP Chemistry. All of our classes have students who speak different languages, as well as students with a range of social … Continue reading

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Inspiring Young Geoscientists With Fossils

“Unfortunately, geoscience [has] become a fossil science in and of itself. It is a vicious cycle [in which] fewer students are introduced to it at the K–12 level, thus fewer college students go into it, then numbers drop, and programs become downsized. Looking down the road, we will need those geoscientists to help with investigations on Earth and on other celestial bodies
as well,” says Illinois biology teacher Troy Simpson. Continue reading

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Bring STEM Practices Into the Secondary Classroom by Juan-Carlos Aguilar, Anne Petersen, Megan Schrauben

STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—is discussed in the news, politics, and education journals, yet what does it really mean for classrooms? The Council of State Science Supervisors (CSSS) works to support secondary science in various ways, including through the efforts … Continue reading

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Encouraging Students to Engage in Argument With Evidence by Michelle Monk

When I first began to shift my curriculum to support the Next Generation Science Standards, I was a bit overwhelmed! And frankly, I am still overwhelmed on some days when I work with my students to support their productive struggle … Continue reading

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The Art of Teaching Science

What are some hands-on ideas of how to integrate science into music and art classes?  – A., Iowa I believe that teachers should try to integrate subjects! Here are just a few ideas; search the NSTA Learning Center and NGSS@NSTA for … Continue reading

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Ed News: Why Students Should Read Scientific Literature

This week in education news, across the board teachers feel disrespected; University of Utah professors and local teachers are developing high school curriculum about opioids; Arizona State Board of Education approved revised science standards; new study finds 55 percent of … Continue reading

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Freeze! We're doing science!

I have accumulated a large number of the freezer gel packs from a meal service. I’d like to find a way to use them in a classroom activity. —P., Georgia The best thing about these freezer packs is that they … Continue reading

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