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Using rain to manipulate art media, and modeling rain

A day where the rain had lasted so long that the playground became soupy led to an investigation of the properties of art media—tempera paint and oil pastels. As a science investigation we (most of us) followed my procedure of … Continue reading

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Unlocking Science in Breakout Games

The popularity of escape rooms— physical adventure games in which players solve a series of puzzles to break out of a locked room—has carried over into science classrooms nationwide in the form of breakout box games. Continue reading

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STEM Sims: Interactive Simulations for the STEM Classroom

Introduction By subscribing to STEM Sims, teachers can open-up a kaleidoscope of educational and interactive classroom activities for students. These activities are relevant for teachers who are interested in a research-based approach to investigate STEM content that is aligned with the National NGSS Standards … Continue reading

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