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Circle of Life 1.0: Planting seeds

I am working on a lesson plan for the life cycle of a plant for kindergarten. Do you have any activity ideas? — K., Oregon If you’re teaching about life cycles of flowering plants you should incorporate all the life … Continue reading

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On teaching life cycles of living things

The changes living organisms go through fascinate us (and sometimes freak us out) even if we’ve seen the process before. Early childhood educators especially feel this because every day we come to work we are fascinated by the development and … Continue reading

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Following children's interests–following a caterpillar over winter

It’s always interesting to hear how other early childhood educators make the most of children’s curiosity to teach science concepts. Guest blogger Maggie Posey is a mom to a curious two year old and preschool teacher to eight eager learners. She … Continue reading

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Ecosystems outside the school door

Since it is now March and in my area we just had our 10th snow day, I am dreaming of planting seeds rather than actually planting them. What should the children plant in the raised bed school garden, a tiny … Continue reading

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