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Setting up the learning space—where should the magnifiers go?

Do you have a “Science” area in your classroom or other space? Which, if any objects should be permanent residents of a science area? I usually keep a few tools there so children can find them when needed—magnifiers, trays, pipettes/droppers, … Continue reading

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Preparing the classroom and school grounds for science exploration

As we set up our classrooms and examine the school grounds we can make space for science exploration by putting out some simple tools and seeking advice from experienced teachers. If you have advice on setting up a classroom to … Continue reading

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Mini Doc Cams Capture the World Up Close

Small document cameras, or mini doc cams, are making inroads into many classrooms due to their low cost, USB power, small size, and adaptability. It is the latter feature that makes them especially attractive to science teachers. One camera in … Continue reading

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Young children using microscopes to see more

Magnifiers and microscopes can reveal small details that children otherwise might not notice. I would love to have a digital microscope in the classroom so children could really see the head of an insect such as a butterfly. No happy … Continue reading

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When young children use magnifiers

I brought magnifiers into the twos classroom today as a tool for looking at dead insects (and a few other invertebrates) and butterfly eggs on collard plants. The children have used magnifiers many times before but they are always intrigued, … Continue reading

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