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Inspiring Young Geoscientists With Fossils

“Unfortunately, geoscience [has] become a fossil science in and of itself. It is a vicious cycle [in which] fewer students are introduced to it at the K–12 level, thus fewer college students go into it, then numbers drop, and programs become downsized. Looking down the road, we will need those geoscientists to help with investigations on Earth and on other celestial bodies
as well,” says Illinois biology teacher Troy Simpson. Continue reading

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Identifying and Implementing Instructional Materials in Middle School by Michael Heinz, Erin Michael Escher, Ellen Ebert

Identifying and implementing science instructional materials that equitably engage students in active learning of science concepts, practices, sensemaking, problem-solving, and decision-making can be overwhelming for schools. The Council of State Science Supervisors (CSSS) works to support science educators in various … Continue reading

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Science Education in Prison

When Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, started an education program last spring at the Chillicothe Women’s Correctional Center, biology professor Mary Haskins says she “jumped” at the chance to teach a semester of environmental science there. “The work is … Continue reading

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Ed News: School Lessons Targeted by Climate Change Doubters

This week in education news, West Virginia governor signs legislation requiring high school computer science; Hispanics make up 16 percent of the American workforce, but only 6 percent of scientists and engineers; bug-in-ear coaching has been around for decades but … Continue reading

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The Art of Teaching Science

What are some hands-on ideas of how to integrate science into music and art classes?  – A., Iowa I believe that teachers should try to integrate subjects! Here are just a few ideas; search the NSTA Learning Center and NGSS@NSTA for … Continue reading

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Freeze! We're doing science!

I have accumulated a large number of the freezer gel packs from a meal service. I’d like to find a way to use them in a classroom activity. —P., Georgia The best thing about these freezer packs is that they … Continue reading

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Quick Lab and Activity Assessments

I would like to include a rubric when students are completing various labs and activities in science. Could you share any examples? – A., Iowa I have found that checklists, in particular, are good assessment tools during a lab. The objective … Continue reading

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Sub Plans for Physics

This is my first year of teaching physics and I can’t think of generic substitute plans for this class. Can you suggest some generic/emergency plans that could help me?  – E., Michigan One of the hardest things is to wake … Continue reading

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Cool/Hot Tech

I have been thinking about getting a thermal imaging camera. Specifically, an attachment for an iPhone that allows it to do thermal imaging. If you had one in your classroom, what would you use it for?  – R., Alaska This is … Continue reading

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Science lessons for the new year from NSTA Press

The start of the new year is a great time for science teachers to explore fresh lesson ideas for the classroom. NSTA Press’s top-selling books and new publications offer numerous lessons and activities, from learning about amazing caterpillars to exploring … Continue reading

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