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Science of innovation: electronic tattoo

As we approach President’s Day, which comes on the heels of Abraham Lincoln’s actual birthday, thoughts turn to … patents. Yes, patents! Those of us on the development team for the Science of Innovation video series were certainly surprised to … Continue reading

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Science and creativity

Recently, the ISTE Connects blog had a discussion How do you teach creativity? in response to the recent Newsweek article The Creativity Crisis. We often think of creativity in terms of the arts, but I had a great conversation with … Continue reading

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Science across disciplines

In a presentation I attended last year, Dr. Rita Colwell, the former director of the National Science Foundation, described 21st century science as “international and interdisciplinary.” Interdisciplinary is one of those words that is hard to define, but we “know … Continue reading

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Making science relevant

Why are we studying this? What good will this do me? I know there are teachers who enjoy the challenge of students’ asking questions such as these and others who consider these questions to be disrespectful or distracting (and from … Continue reading

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