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Making Sense of Science and Religion

In the science classroom, the rigorous discussion of certain scientific concepts may challenge the religious beliefs of students as well as educators. Navigating these discussions in ways that respect diverse viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences can be difficult, but a new … Continue reading

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Elementary Science is Essential

Blog post authored by Lisa Chizek Elementary science is essential if we want our children to be successful in an ever-changing and complex world. Engaging in high-quality elementary science allows children opportunities to ask questions, investigate to find answers, make … Continue reading

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Introducing the STEM Teacher Leadership Network

By Joni Falk, Co-director of the Center for School Reform at TERC @STEMTLnet.org The STEM Teacher Leadership Network (https://STEMTLnet.org), funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), is inviting teacher leaders, aspiring teacher leaders, as well as researchers and administrators interested in … Continue reading

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New NSTA Press Books Help Young Students Apply Science to the Real World

Would you like to help your students understand the connections between learning science in school and using it in their everyday lives? The STEM Road Map Curriculum Series from NSTA Press was developed to do just that. With the goal … Continue reading

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Teacher Cohorts to Support Science Instruction

Written by Debbie Ericksen Learning about the NGSS 3D Framework and what it means for the teaching and learning process within my elementary classroom has been an amazing journey that continues to this day. I confess I’ve become an NGSS … Continue reading

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The Complete Beginners Guide to Science Curriculum Topic Study

Fans of Oprah Winfrey know the phrase, “When you know better, you do better.” And now Page Keeley and Joyce Tugel, authors of Science Curriculum Topic Study, 2nd Edition—Bridging the Gap Between Three-Dimensional Standards, Research, and Practice, are offering the … Continue reading

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Guest blog post by Valeria Rodriguez Walking into the Moscone West Center in San Francisco on Wednesday afternoon, I had a few personal issues I was tackling, when I overheard a teacher saying:  “ I am almost 50 and I … Continue reading

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Supporting Family Engagement

Guest blog post by Anne Lowry As teachers, we know how important family engagement is for student success. How can we improve upon last year’s family engagement and how do we do so while maintaining respect for each family’s unique … Continue reading

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Two NSTA Books Encourage Young Readers to Keep Questioning, Searching, and Expressing Wonder

NSTA Press author Emily Morgan wants young readers of her books to be filled with a sense of wonder about ordinary objects or phenomena—like bees—and to never stop exploring the “whys” of our natural world.  Two books that every K-5 … Continue reading

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NSTA Press Book Uses Three-Dimensional Learning to Help Students Understand the Effects of Human Activity on Climate Change

For veteran science educators Laura Tucker and Lois Sherwood there is no debate about climate science. But Tucker and Sherwood realized that few books provide the much-needed assistance that teachers need to cover the scope of climate science with special … Continue reading

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