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Bringing the outdoors indoors.

How do you achieve the full concept of bringing the outdoors, indoors? How do you make sure your students are getting the most out of it? How do you transition smoothly where you do not lose any student’s attention? — … Continue reading

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Q&A about natural spaces for children

It was a perfect early summer day with temperatures in the low 70s (F) and a gentle breeze that make it easy to be outdoors for hours. We had a combination of shade, sunscreen or hats to protect from the … Continue reading

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How to Turn Your Schoolyard into a Year-Round Scientific Classroom

It would take mere seconds for any one of us to explain how technology has improved our everyday lives. Yet there are some downsides to all these “life upgrades.” How many of us spend more time exploring our new smartphone … Continue reading

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Nature experiences and empathy—see the March issues of journals for early childhood educators

Both the NSTA journal Science and Children, and the NAEYC journal Young Children, were especially riveting this month, March of 2012. I quickly look through the journals to get a feel for the issue, and then put them in my … Continue reading

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What free time?

After the last session today was over at 6:00 PM, I went out for dinner.  I didn’t try to eavesdrop on the nearby table, but when I heard science notebook, nature study, and rubric, I knew I was sitting near … Continue reading

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Nature study

Sheri Amsel is a biologist and artist who created the Exploring Nature website. Her session focused on using nature trails and other outdoor venues as learning resources. She shared many of her materials, most of which are available on her … Continue reading

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Outdoor Science

The melting snow piles outside NSTA headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, provide daily reminders of the D.C. area’s record 2010 snowfall (locally dubbed Snowmageddon).  Like many teachers in other parts of the country, we’re watching for green shoots and planning for … Continue reading

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Science in the community

I’m hoping that secondary teachers will take a look at the articles that describe authentic investigations conducted by young scientists in their communities: Creative Soil Conservation and Boulder Creek Study. The latter has examples of student work as they studied … Continue reading

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