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Uncover Your Students’ Ideas in Earth and Environmental Science

The newest book in the NSTA Press best-selling Uncovering Student Ideas in Science series is here! Uncovering Student Ideas in Earth and Environmental Science by Page Keeley and Laura Tucker offers 32 formative assessment probes to get your students digging deep into environmental science … Continue reading

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Teaching for Conceptual Understanding in Science

Author Richard Konicek-Moran spent years studying and researching children’s alternative conceptions in science and author Page Keeley acquired her passion for improving conceptual understanding using formative assessment tools. They realized that their respective work had so much in common that … Continue reading

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But Why Does the Balloon Stick to the Wall After I Rub It on My Hair?

What types of materials can be electrically charged? How does current flow in a circuit? Will a magnet pick up any kind of metal? In answering these types of questions, children will reveal their own preconceptions about ideas that they … Continue reading

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Merging Literacy into Science Instruction: Featured Strand at NSTA Conference in Charlotte, NC, November 7-9

This November, the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) will feature a special strand “Merging Literacy into Science Instruction” at our Conference on Science Education in Charlotte, NC, November 7-9. NSTA recognizes that the growing demands on the school day mean … Continue reading

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