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On the Having of Wonderful Ideas About Science

Guest Blogger Page Keeley Science is about making sense of our natural world, and this is something that children naturally do long before they begin school. Children acquire information from many sources: interacting with their environment, conversing with their families … Continue reading

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Get students hooked on real-world science

When students see the real-world applications of science, their interest levels soar. Teachers are experts at guiding students through the wonders of how science helps us answer questions and engineering helps us solve problems. This month, stock up on new … Continue reading

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Sub Plans for Physics

This is my first year of teaching physics and I can’t think of generic substitute plans for this class. Can you suggest some generic/emergency plans that could help me?  – E., Michigan One of the hardest things is to wake … Continue reading

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Argument-Driven Inquiry in Physical Science

Interested in teaching your students how to make and support their science explanations in the classroom? We’ve got just the thing. The newest books in the Argument-Driven Inquiry Series from NSTA Press is here. Argument-Driven Inquiry in Physical Science Lab … Continue reading

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Tailoring professional development to the needs of a small group

I sometimes wish I could have another hour or more with a presenter of a session at a conference or other professional development program. I want to more-fully explore the ideas presented or a question the discussion raised in my … Continue reading

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Using Physical Science Gadgets and Gizmos in Elementary Grades

The authors of the popular Phenomenon-Based Learning series have released a new book geared toward elementary-age students. Using Physical Science Gadgets & Gizmos, Grades 3-5: Phenomenon-Based Learning is the latest book by Matthew Bobrowsky, Mikko Korhonen, and Jukka Kohtamäki. The … Continue reading

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Physical science activities

Middle schoolers enjoy a challenge. The featured articles in this issue show that incorporating physical science concepts with engineering practices and crosscutting concepts can lead to challenging projects for students (and their teachers as they choose and develop activities aligned … Continue reading

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Elementary Extravaganza, Ramps and pathways

The Elementary Extravaganza was pulsing with energy as educators from many settings rushed in at 8am to get personal attention from the hundreds of presenters who were ready to share their work. Thanks to the sponsors–www.BioEdOnline.org, Delta Education, School Speciality, … Continue reading

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How's the weather at your science museum?

Teachers and students are exploring the weather through exhibits at science museums around the country. Continue reading

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Children and motion

What is in motion in your classroom, in addition to children? Spinning tops are one of the materials I keep available all year long because they can be an independent or collaborative activity, children’s ability to spin them increases as … Continue reading

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