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Find support and share resources at the Learning Center

As I was packing up materials and readying the classrooms for summer storage I reflected back over the year and thought about the next. Developing an on-going inquiry (or overlapping inquiries because more than one class uses the space at … Continue reading

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"Are you ready?" (What I learned on my summer vacation: ramps, video conferencing with children, and climate)

Are you hearing that question too often from people who wonder how you are going to make the adjustment back to school now that we are into August? I used to say, “No, I’m not nearly ready” but have decided … Continue reading

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STEM: Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

I wonder how teachers include the “E” in this acronym when designing or selecting class activities. And yet, the play that children do can be the foundation for future interest in engineering. This issue has several articles that describe how … Continue reading

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States of matter

It’s one thing to get students to recite definitions for the states of matter. But what do they really understand? For instance, the word “gas” is confusing. My students had to stop and think whether the word was referring to … Continue reading

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