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Inspiring Young Geoscientists With Fossils

“Unfortunately, geoscience [has] become a fossil science in and of itself. It is a vicious cycle [in which] fewer students are introduced to it at the K–12 level, thus fewer college students go into it, then numbers drop, and programs become downsized. Looking down the road, we will need those geoscientists to help with investigations on Earth and on other celestial bodies
as well,” says Illinois biology teacher Troy Simpson. Continue reading

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Myths about Science, with an early childhood focus

The National Science Teachers Association website has a section for families titled, “Help Your Child Explore Science.” Here’s my adaptation  of the “Myths about Science” page in that section, giving it an early childhood focus.  Myths about Science, with an early … Continue reading

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Ed News: The Prevalence of Collaboration Among American Teachers

This week in education news, new survey finds half of parents are not “very confident” in their ability to help their children with science; U.S. News STEM Solutions partners with USA Science & Engineering Festival; Pearson is selling off its … Continue reading

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Spiders and ants and bees, oh wow!

Spiders, ants, bees, cockroaches, cicada killers, house centipedes, and roly-polies are among the many small animals children may encounter at home or at school presenting moments to learn about the diversity of living organisms if the moment is calm enough. … Continue reading

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Equity in Science Education Begins in Prek

Welcome to my colleague Lauren Allen who co-authored this blog post.  Lauren Allen is currently an administrator focused on STEM Integration in the District of Columbia. While originally from South Carolina, she earned a BS in Biology with an emphasis … Continue reading

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Preschool experiences in a winter forest

Once a month each three-year-old and four-year-old class at the Arlington Unitarian Cooperative Preschool (AUCP) spends the morning on a fieldtrip at a local natural area. The lead nature teacher arrives and spreads out a large tarp and a few … Continue reading

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Early childhood science in preschool—a conversation on Lab Out Loud

Listen in on a conversation between early childhood educator and researcher Karen Worth and the science teachers hosts of Lab Out Loud, Dale Basler and Brian Bartel, as they delve into the new NSTA Early Childhood Science Education position statement, … Continue reading

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Science for the younger set

You’re a preschool teacher who wants to come to NSTA’s conference in Fort Lauderdale, but you don’t want your principal to think you’ll be spending your time playing Beach Blanket Bingo. No worries—you can tell him/her the conference offers nine different … Continue reading

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