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Intentionally providing materials to sort

In addition to providing materials for children, we can ask ourselves, “What is my role as an educator when I provide materials for sorting?” If we were picking through lentils to sort out any wee stones before cooking, our job … Continue reading

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Rock On!

I am planning to teach a lesson on rocks with a third grade class in the fall, but I am unaware as of where to find inexpensive rock/mineral kits. How did you teach the lesson in a way that engaged … Continue reading

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See photos and get resources from NSTA 2018 Atlanta

I feel recharged and activated after attending a conference and taking a few weeks to reflect and prepare to put the new understandings into practice. Whether or not you attended the 2018 NSTA national conference you can access files uploaded … Continue reading

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Exploring natural and human-made materials

“I found these two rocks in the sandbox and I think they’re from a volcano.” Children like to share their special found objects and talk about where they came from and what they might be. “I think this is a … Continue reading

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STEM: Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

I wonder how teachers include the “E” in this acronym when designing or selecting class activities. And yet, the play that children do can be the foundation for future interest in engineering. This issue has several articles that describe how … Continue reading

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Rocks: collecting and classifying

On the playground two sisters collected rocks and set them on a bench where they grouped them by size. When I asked, “What kind of rock is that?” one said, “A triangle” referring to its outer shape. They also had … Continue reading

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Yes, a science teachers' conference IS the place for early childhood teachers

I’m looking forward to the NSTA Regional Conference in Portland, Oregon, in November,  a cornucopia of a conference so full of interesting presentations that each of my time slots is double (sometimes triple) booked with workshops and fieldtrips. Being over-scheduled assures … Continue reading

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