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Privacy and Social Media

I use social media but I am not sure of the best way to incorporate it into teaching. Do the rules for student confidentiality vary from school to school, and is it best to create a page focused entirely for … Continue reading

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Fridge and Freezer Safety

This blog post describes steps teachers should take to ensure that laboratory freezers and refrigerators are free from safety hazards. Science teachers should adhere to the following standard operating procedures, via the University of Texas at Austin. • Designate one … Continue reading

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Testy Lab Behavior

I have a few students who test me, as well as my mentor teacher, in most directions and instructions that we give and will abuse the science materials. Any suggestions on how to address this behavior? – D., Maryland Let … Continue reading

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7 Safety Guidelines for Guest Presentations

Although guest presenters can offer real-life science experiences to students, they may not be familiar with the safety practices that need to be in place to create safer learning experiences. In October 2012, for instance, two fourth graders were rushed … Continue reading

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Purchasing the Safest Lab Chemicals

Prior to the new school year, most science teachers select and order their lab chemicals. Before placing an order, however, teachers should consider the health risks associated with using hazardous chemicals in the classroom laboratory. Making the right purchase To … Continue reading

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Safety, risk and hazards

As preschool and child care continue and a new school year begins, it’s a good time to refresh our memories about safety practices. Goggles are not common in early childhood programs but they should be. Children love to dress up … Continue reading

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Recess: Outdoors and sometimes indoors

When the children and I leave the school building for playground time or recess, I feel a sense of relaxation and heightened awareness. We can see farther and the input from the surrounding environment to our senses changes every minute … Continue reading

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Start and end the year safely

Questions and discussions about safety are often seen in the NSTA e-mail listserves and discussion forums. Each month, columns on safety in the science classroom/lab are featured in NSTA’s Science Scope (Scope on Safety) and The Science Teacher (Safer Science), … Continue reading

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Materials, safety, life science–Resources in "Science and Children"

 Children I work with on a weekly basis have been exploring different types of materials as they work with them. Painting with thick or thin consistency paint (see the March 2015 Early Years column), running their hands through a pile of … Continue reading

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How Can I Create a Safe Science Classroom?

As a physics and chemistry teacher for over 30 years, Adah Stock learned firsthand the importance of proper safety precautions in the science lab. Stock’s emphasis on safe practices paid off; she only had one small accident in the lab … Continue reading

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