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Administrators: Be Intentional ‘For All’

As academic institutions strive to create stimulating learning environments where students embrace the “sciences” to become critical thinkers and ecologically productive citizens, more and more employers are recognizing they have an essential role in helping to define qualified employees for … Continue reading

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Challenging Perceptions in the STEM Classroom

As a female STEM graduate myself (geology), I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to encourage more women and minorities to get involved with STEM classes and potential careers. I was fortunate that my first job out of college … Continue reading

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Importance of teaching science in early childhood promoted by NSTA President Alan McCormack

For any who did not get a chance to read the wonderfully supportive statement by the National Science Teachers Association president, Alan McCormack in the 12/7/10 NSTA Reports It’s Time for More Early Childhood Science, take a look and then … Continue reading

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Science for all

My next-door neighbor is a lovely young woman, currently at the top of her junior class and gathering information on colleges. She’s interested in studying chemistry/chemical engineering (hooray!). I was reflecting on the opportunities she has that did not exist … Continue reading

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Science everywhere, for all students

Your challenge: Show all of the students in your classroom how science affects every aspect of their lives. Need help? Randolf Tobias, an award-winning author, educator, and curriculum specialist, is going to provide it during his presentation at the NSTA … Continue reading

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Busy days, all day

With so much to see and do at the conference, I shouldn’t be surprised by the number of people I see no matter how early I arrive. If there’s a workshop going on, there are people in there. When I … Continue reading

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