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Science and Math online resources for teaching young children

It was my pleasure this past winter to work with a group of educators who provide child care in their family homes. These small business owners met with me as a professional learning community, sharing our experiences and expertise with … Continue reading

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Building STEAM With Model Railroads

Are you a science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) teacher seeking a new way to interest students in these subjects? While model railroading is not a new hobby, STEAM teachers can accomplish learning goals while introducing it to a … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Science and Religion

In the science classroom, the rigorous discussion of certain scientific concepts may challenge the religious beliefs of students as well as educators. Navigating these discussions in ways that respect diverse viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences can be difficult, but a new … Continue reading

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History and Social Studies Integration with STEM

This blog post was authored by Judy Boyle. NGSS, STEM, STEAM, and Common Core all speak of the importance of the integration of science with ELA, math, and art. However, we are missing one more layer needed to achieve the … Continue reading

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Elementary Science is Essential

Blog post authored by Lisa Chizek Elementary science is essential if we want our children to be successful in an ever-changing and complex world. Engaging in high-quality elementary science allows children opportunities to ask questions, investigate to find answers, make … Continue reading

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Introducing the STEM Teacher Leadership Network

By Joni Falk, Co-director of the Center for School Reform at TERC @STEMTLnet.org The STEM Teacher Leadership Network (https://STEMTLnet.org), funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), is inviting teacher leaders, aspiring teacher leaders, as well as researchers and administrators interested in … Continue reading

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Teacher Cohorts to Support Science Instruction

Written by Debbie Ericksen Learning about the NGSS 3D Framework and what it means for the teaching and learning process within my elementary classroom has been an amazing journey that continues to this day. I confess I’ve become an NGSS … Continue reading

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Supporting Family Engagement

Guest blog post by Anne Lowry As teachers, we know how important family engagement is for student success. How can we improve upon last year’s family engagement and how do we do so while maintaining respect for each family’s unique … Continue reading

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Finding Partners for Elementary Science

Guest blog post by Wendi Laurence and Laura Cotter One of my favorite things is discovering new people who can become partners in elementary science programming. While sometimes it is very hard to find those amazing partners; this is a … Continue reading

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What’s Your Story?

Guest blog post by Anne Lowery As the traditional school year winds down, it is time to bring explorations to an end or at least to a good stopping place. One of the best ways to signal an end or a … Continue reading

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