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Chemistry Now, carbon, captured: carbon dioxide

As a college student in the 70s wracking up science courses for my secondary teaching degree, scientists’ warnings of accelerated global warming made a believer out of me. Recently, looking at photos of Mt. Kilimanjaro or glaciers in Chile taken … Continue reading

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Surveying video and lesson plan use

We need your help!!! NBC Learn, NSF, and NSTA have teamed up to bring you video / lesson plan packages that explore various science concepts. But we want to know how we can make them better and more usable in … Continue reading

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Must-see TED videos

TED.com provides “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world,” as videos (streaming, downloadable, podcasts, etc.) captured during the conferences. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Here are some of my favorite TED videos, and this list corresponds … Continue reading

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Videos for instruction

YouTube is an amazing resource, with videos on just about any topic. There are animations, videos of demonstrations that you might not be able to do in your classroom, and records of talks by famous scientists. The SciLinks webwatchers have … Continue reading

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Dance of the planets

All you earlybirds out there are in for a treat this month if you look eastward just before dawn (and the weather is clear).  Four planets will be engaged in a slow-motion dance, aligning themselves differently day by day in … Continue reading

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Science resources

The last few days of the school year are a challenge—the time in between the final projects/assessments and the last day of school. Students assume that the year is over, and to stay “busy,” they are sometimes inundated with videos … Continue reading

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An interesting example of 21st century technology

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFV9FDLrV0g[/youtube] In the video above, a third grader gets to use a rather striking example of 21st century technology to talk about some common topics in science, namely earthquakes and volcanoes. As was mentioned in this blog before, back at … Continue reading

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Chemistry Now, week 8: cheeseburger chemistry: tomato

How does a tomato go from green, marble-like sphere to juicy red brilliance? Chemistry, that’s how. In the case of tomatoes, the plant bathes the fruit in ethylene molecules when the fruit reaches an edible size, and this hormone triggers … Continue reading

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High tech highlights: NSTA 2011

Here’s a taste of NSTA San Fran. More on this later, but many of the tech tools are open-ended allowing for student/teacher defined uses. Overall, the future looks like a fun place to teach! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_mT8D0eKjk[/youtube] Please follow and like us:

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Scorpions, free materials, and more

One thing about attending a NSTA conference, you get to try local cuisine, as well as an occasional unusual treat. I just spoke to this teacher from Pittsburgh who told me he sampled a scorpion in the exhibit hall. The … Continue reading

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