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Wooden unit blocks and representing their use in early childhood education

Working with and reading about the work of other educators is inspiring. While observing or mentoring in different programs I am given an education and opportunity to reflect on my own practice. The teachers in the Clarendon Child Care Center … Continue reading

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Web 4.0: ready or not, here it is

Experts say we are now in the Web 4.0 environment (where meaning can be created by the majority; web participation is a necessity; etc.). According to Yahoo! Finance, we’ll be able to purchase the first Web 4.0 tablet on or … Continue reading

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Need a source? Cite yourself.

A fourth grade student was given a lengthy assignment that required much Internet “research.”  I put the word research in quotes since the word was used, but not necessarily in the spirit of its traditional meaning let alone its direct implications … Continue reading

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